Citizens’ Groups Welcome Bonnefield

The news that Bonnefield Financial has bought all of the farmland owned by the Highland Companies continues to reverberate. The media has covered the latest twist in this remarkable story with solid articles. The Financial Post led the pack with this article: MegaQuarry Land Bought by Bonnefield quickly followed by Global TV News: Land at Centre of MegaQuarry Fight Sold.

The president of Bonnefield, Tom Eisenhauer, has also been interviewed by the CBC and stressed that his investment firm’s main interest is in the “long-term sustainability of the land.” He says he approached the Highland Companies about purchasing the farmland shortly after the company withdrew its application for the Mega Quarry last November 2012. He insists that Bonnefield is only in the business of buying farmland to farm, which is reassuring news after so many years of turmoil.

The groups that led the fight to stop the Mega Quarry have issued a statement about the new owners and hopes for the future of the farmland. NDACT chair, Carl Cosack, welcomes Bonnefield to the community and is grateful for its stated commitment to continue farming this unique agricultural soil.  The full statement can be read here:

Statement from NDACT, CORE and CAUSE

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