ARA Report: Big Holes

Two years ago, during the last provincial election and as the Mega Quarry fight heated up, the Ontario government ordered a review of the Aggregate Resources Act. Highland’s application for the largest quarry in Canadian history had raised… Read More


It’s been two years since the Ontario government announced a review of the outdated Aggregate Resources Act, but we’re inching ever closer to seeing a report on possible revisions. As the outcry over the proposed Highland Mega Quarry escalated in 2011, the Liberals agreed… Read More

ARA report: June?

An article in the Orangeville Banner indicates a report on the Aggregate Resources Act could be made public within weeks. A review of the ARA was ordered in the fall of 2011 in response to the controversy over… Read More

ARA Review – Great news!

The review of the Aggregate Resources Act is back on track! The Standing Committee on General Government will finish the task it began a year ago. The ARA review will resume and a final report will be issued…. Read More

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