Fly Away Home

The sun shone brightly on August 18, 2013 when Bill Lishman aka “Father Goose” flew his ultralight from the Pickering Lands to the farmland of Melancthon. He was joining a Food & Water First party to celebrate the defeat of the proposed Mega Quarry. Bill was a mere speck in the sky buzzing over the farmland, forests and rivers we had saved. As he approached a bumpy hayfield for his landing, we noticed he had painted our message on his wings. It was a total surprise and we were deeply touched.

Sadly, Bill Lishman died before New Year’s. While he was famous for using his ultralight to lead geese on a migration route, Bill was also an artist, visionary, activist, writer and environmentalist. We will never forget Bill, his flying machine and how he helped us soar that beautiful summer day.