New Quarry Application: Bonnefield responds

Nearly five years after the defeat of the proposed Highland Mega Quarry, a new application has been filed with the provincial government for a quarry expansion that involves some of the farmland saved by our grassroots movement. This news raised concerns that the land we fought so hard to protect may be at risk again. However, we have been assured this is not the case.

The application has been filed by Strada Aggregates which wants to expand its existing open-pit operation in Dufferin County. It has an option to purchase a 50-acre parcel of land from Bonnefield Financial, the investment firm that bought 6,500-acres of prime farmland from the Boston hedge fund behind the Mega Quarry proposal. A report in the Orangeville Banner, caused consternation among those in the community who had fought the proposed Mega Quarry.

After the article appeared, the president of Bonnefield, Tom Eisenhauer, released a statement which has been sent to the Orangeville Banner. Take a moment to read it. He explains that the 50-acre parcel is surrounded on three sides by the existing quarry and was offered to local farmers to lease but they did not find it suitable. Tom Eisenhauer also states:

“We have worked hard to develop an open and transparent relationship with our neighbours in Dufferin County and we remain true to our central mission of protecting farming for farmland. I hope that readers of the Orangeville Banner will not be left with an impression to the contrary.”

We thank Bonnefield for its continued support in our quest to save the land that feeds us.